O. König
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Vita Medizinische Spezialgebiete
Wissenschaftliche Tätigkeiten Medizin und Kunst
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Teaching activity

    Apart from my activity as a physician in patient care and research, I am performing or have performed the following university teaching duties:

    ˇ        Lectures for medical students on general topics of ENT medicine

    ˇ        Bedside teaching for medical students based on concrete clinical pictures

    ˇ        Seminar on preventive medicine for medical students (neonatal unit)

    ˇ        Seminar on environmental medicine for medical students (noise and its consequences)

    ˇ        Clinical examination course for medical students (head and neck)

    ˇ        Training medical students during their clinical rotation and internship

    ˇ        Seminar on medicine for physicists (techniques and physical foundations)

    ˇ        Training audiology assistants

    ˇ        Lectures for special pedagogues (teaching post) with final examinations

    At the State School for Logopedicians, Berlin, I teach the following topics and also act as an examiner:

    • ENT medicine
    • Phoniatrics
    • Audiology

    As an Assistant Professor of Phoniatrics, I work for the Association of Patholinguists at the Advanced Training Center of the University of Potsdam.

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