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Vita Medizinische Spezialgebiete
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Medicine and Art

My research work in the area of hearing has given me the opportunity to prepare or help to prepare many visualizations of inner ear structures. The partly abstract scenes of unusual beauty unfolding inside our body never cease to be a source of astonishment.  Let us now take a short trip into the world of our ear:

Survey of our hearing organ, the cochlea (on the right) and our vestibular organ (on the left)

Cross-sectional visualization of the inner ear. The triangle on the right side is our real auditory tube (scala media). The lower side of the triangle contains the hearing organ with auditory sensory cells (hair cells).

Hair cells visualized from above with a special staining technique.

Hair cells visualized from the side with a special staining technique.

Head of a hair cell visualized by electron microscopy. View of individual hairs that enable normal hearing.

The following are various visualizations of inner ear structures with different antibody stains. At first sight, many observers would probably not associate them with our ear.

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